Board Of Directors



Kandy Moore / Relyance Bank | President

Tish Bullard / Pine Bluff Country Club / Campaign Chair

Ann Cain First United Methodist Church / Treasurer

Samuel Glover / Past President




Aldridge, Nyeshia
Alexander, Joni 
Bullard, Tish 
Cain, Ann
Copeland, Tiffany
Cotton, George
Cummings, Chris
Dial, Donna
Harris, Ethan
Harris, Wayne
Krisell, Tim
Lea, George
Makris, John
Martin, Carla
McClain, Gary
McCombs, Jamie
Moore, Kandy
Pittillo, Chad
Pittillo, Rebecca
Pyland, Deb
Randle, Latasha
Robinson, Daniel
Saffa, Carlton
Seymore, Lyric
Shaner, Steven
Soto, Kim
Stice, Lelan
Thompson, Robert
Trotter, Hank
Winters, Tammy
Kandy Moore, Board President 2023-2024

Kandy Moore is a dedicated advocate and community leader known for her tireless efforts in supporting the most vulnerable members of society. With a deep commitment to making a difference, Kandy has been instrumental in various initiatives aimed at uplifting and empowering individuals in need.

Her notable involvement with the United Way of Southeast Arkansas and its partner agencies has been nothing short of transformative. Through her passion and dedication, Kandy has worked relentlessly to improve the lives of countless individuals by providing access to essential resources and services. Whether it's organizing fundraisers, coordinating volunteer efforts, or raising awareness about critical social issues, Kandy has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to creating positive change in her community.

Kandy's impact wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of Relyance Bank, which has graciously allowed her to donate her time and expertise to the United Way of Southeast Arkansas. Their partnership has been instrumental in expanding the reach and effectiveness of initiatives aimed at addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality.