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Meet Jason Duren


Meet Jason, our newest staff member here at the United Way of Southeast Arkansas. We're so proud to have him on our team! Read the questions and answers below to learn more about Jason and why he chooses to invest his life in caring for others through our organization. 



Where are you from? 



Although I have most recently moved from Little Rock Arkansas to the local area, my family is from a little town in Southwest part of the state by the name of Vandervoort, Ark. It is a very small community (approx. pop. 92), that is made up of great people with strong values. 



Why did you choose to work at the United Way of Southeast Arkansas?



 It has always been a desire of mine to help people. That may seem like a simple answer but it is the most applicable one. With the United way I get the very special opportunity to help the people that are also helping our community. I consider it a sincere privilege to be counted amongst a group of folks that are here to help and enrich the lives of their community. 



What is the best thing about working at the United Way? 



I think that the best part of my job is that I get to work with amazing people and  for an organization that is mission-driven and I’m surrounded by people who care deeply about making the local community a better place. There are probably jobs out there that pay more or have better perks, but those things are not my personal motivators. If I am going to spend eight hours investing myself, it has to mean something. 



Tell me about how you view the impact United Way has on Southeast Arkansas and the families living here.



The United Way of Southeast Arkansas brings people together to focus on the most important needs in the community, to form partnerships and leverage resources to make a reckonable difference. Basically, it provides a whole lot more than just funding to other community non-profits. The UWSEARK has an overview perspective of the community that does not quantify its measurements by helping just the financially in need or abused. The true measurement is in how the United Way and its partner agencies enrich the entire community through its very simple and elegant mission for improved income, health and education. It’s about taking the initiative within our community every day to help people be the best they can be and to live the best lives they can and want to live. 



Since joining the organization, has anything surprised you about our community or the impact United Way makes?



I don’t think I would use the word surprised. The relationships that I am building within  my community through the United Way has enabled me to gain better understanding of the number of genuinely authentic people in our local area that want nothing but the best for each of their neighbors. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with here has been a wealth of experience, kindness and graciousness. We all live in an amazing community with extraordinary people. The United Way has brought and continues to bring those people and their good works to the front lines of communal issues and celebrations. There may a be a few people in our community that might not know how the United Way has impacted their lives for the good; however I think the improvement being made is more important than who gets the credit for it.