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Our Team

United Way of Southeast Arkansas staff

Keeping the wheels turning

There's more to the United Way than meets the eye. Our staff minds the details and keep the wheels turning behind the scene. Our office number is 870.534.2153 or contact our staff by email.











Leslie Dorn


"The best thing about working at United Way is the people — all of the people! I've had the unique opportunity to build relationships with the entire spectrum of society. People seeking assistance, looking for hope, the agency staff members helping to provide that assistance, community volunteers giving their time and energy not expecting anything in return and our generous donors who we turn to each year to provide the resources to help strengthen our community. Working with so many people, I have found that kindness works with everyone. United Way started out as an interesting job, but has evolved into a mission to see our community be the best it can be. I like to think that United Way chose me." - Leslie












Karen Small

Allocations and Campaign Coordinator

“I’ve been working at the United Way of Southeast Arkansas for 20 years. The most rewarding part of my job is being able to connect someone in need with United Way partner agencies that have solutions. I love knowing that each year, over 50,000 people in Southeast Arkansas receive life-changing services.” - Karen











Joy Binns

Finance Coordinator

"The impact the United Way has on Southeast Arkansas and the families living here is huge. Volunteers work together to ensure that the United Way reaches our fundraising target each year. These funds go to supporting our partner agencies, who help individuals and families in our community. A person of abuse has a place to escape; the elderly and disabled can find assistance with the local area agency; there is a place for students after school and a place for those with mental health needs and special needs. I think United Way chose me, and it fits me. Working here, I feel like I'm giving back." - Joy









Jason Duren

Administrative Services Coordinator

"The United Way of Southeast Arkansas brings people together to focus on the most important needs in the community, to form partnerships and leverage resources to make a reckonable difference.  Basically, it provides a whole lot more than just funding to other community non-profits.  The UWSEARK has an overview perspective of the community that does not quantify it's measurements by helping just the financially in need or abused.  The true measurement is in how the United Way and its partner agencies enrich the entire community through its very simple and elegant mission for improved income, health, and education.  It's about taking the initiative within our community every day to help people be the best they can be and to live the best lives they can want to live." - Jason.










Gary Lloyd

Reynolds Center Manager

“By nature, I have always had a desire to help others. It’s a joy to team up with great people in our community to make resources readily available, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical and financial needs. The United Way helps bring community members and agencies together to focus on the important needs of the community. By the efforts of the community giving to United Way, we help strengthen the quality of life in our community for this generation and the ones to follow.” - Gary