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The United Way of Southeast Arkansas #lovelocal

     The United Way of Southeast Arkansas is a local organization run by local people, serving the needs of local people.  These custodians of our community’s health, education, and income stability are well-known trustworthy volunteers dedicated to the health of each man, woman, and child of Southeast Arkansas. Under their guidance, your United Way of Southeast Arkansas continues to be the bedrock for our local community giving. 

      Local unpaid campaign volunteers work very hard to raise the funding it takes to address our community’s ever-expanding needs. Then, local unpaid volunteers decide how and where the money will be disbursed. United Way volunteers are the backbone of service and contributions to Southeast Arkansas. The United Way of Southeast Arkansas continues to be the health and human services fundraising leader in Southeast Arkansas, as it has been for 75 years, since 1946. 

       With a staff of six dedicated individuals, United Way of Southeast Arkansas organizes and assists hundreds of volunteers to raise and allocate these necessary funds for much-needed health and human services in our areas. UW staff is involved with various civic activities and plays an active leadership role in several local organizations, helping to contribute to the overall well-being of our community.  In addition, UWSEARK owns and manages the Donald W. Reynolds Community Services Center that houses 17 non-profit agencies, and provides meeting and training facilities for many other entities from around the area.

A brief history & explanation of United Way of Southeast Arkansas:

   The Community Chest of Jefferson County was formed in 1924, through the efforts of civic leader O. C. Hauber. The Community Chest was active thru the rest of the decade but sadly disappeared with the onset of the Depression.  WWII ended and the focus came back to finding solutions to local problems. The concepts of unity and conquering challenges together, of giving and working collectively for the greater good took hold. Late in the Fall of 1946, the Community Chest was reorganized under the leadership of Ralph Mitchell and W.H. Kennedy. They raised $61,289.

   The Community Chest became the United Fund in 1964. In 1971 the name was changed to The United Way of Jefferson County and continued as such until March of 1990 when we became The United Way of Southeast Arkansas. We remain that today.

   The Fall 2021 campaign marks our 75th consecutive fundraising campaign with the last 33 years successfully raising over one million dollars to benefit our community.  Our partnerships with non-profits serving the needs of Southeast Arkansas help provide assistance to more than 50,000 citizens annually.



Thank you, for your continued support and committed community love!

Jason Duren 
Executive Director
United Way of Southeast Arkansas